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Moving back to the UK - farewell

August 20, 2020 02:10PM
Next Wednesday the container comes for our stuff, we then have 5 weeks or so in rented accommodation before making the final move back.

I'll miss the weather.

I'll miss seeing my Rams live every week.

And I'll miss my amazing American friends (and we have a lot), but it's time.

The last 3 to 4 years has made me realize that I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although to be fair, it was Helen who had the realization first.

We have met some outstanding people and had some outstanding times that I'd not trade for the world, but the insanity of Brexit calls.

I doubt anything will change much on here because of the internet, other than that is, I'll be cold a lot when I'm posting.

I wish I had met more of you in person. Or for people like Jimmy, 21Dog, Rampage2k, and Doug, I wished I'd met you more often.

See you guys! Although I doubt anything will be much different as we have actually the internet in the UK winking smiley

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

  Moving back to the UK - farewell

RamUK177August 20, 2020 02:10PM

  You have the internet in the UK?

sstrams25August 20, 2020 02:17PM

  It's indeed a massive shame

RamUK28August 22, 2020 02:10PM


21Dog29August 20, 2020 02:40PM

  We don't use the color maroon in our house

RamUK20August 22, 2020 02:11PM

  Bon Voyage, RamUK...

JamesJM26August 20, 2020 02:44PM


RamUK22August 22, 2020 02:11PM

  Re: Moving back to the UK - farewell

Crazylegs30August 20, 2020 05:50PM

  Likewise Tim

RamUK16August 22, 2020 02:12PM

  Re: Moving back to the UK - farewell

waterfield26August 20, 2020 07:28PM


RamUK18August 22, 2020 02:13PM

  Re: Cornwall

waterfield11August 28, 2020 03:18PM

  Re: Moving back to the UK - farewell

zn34August 21, 2020 03:19AM

  Indeed I shall and thanks

RamUK23August 22, 2020 02:14PM

  SOME day, I'd love to see England. Especially Liverpool.

Ramgator24August 21, 2020 05:31AM

  Wait!! Before you leave!!!!! I have heard.....

Ramgator22August 21, 2020 05:34AM

  Half my mums family are from Liverpool

RamUK16August 22, 2020 02:15PM

  well at least you will get to watch some real futbol

ferragamo7920August 21, 2020 08:25AM

  That would be nice

RamUK18August 22, 2020 02:16PM

  Re: Moving back to the UK - farewell

RAMbler23August 21, 2020 11:35AM


RamUK18August 22, 2020 02:17PM

  Re: Moving back to the UK - farewell

RAMbeau25August 21, 2020 03:13PM

  A long time ago indeed

RamUK19August 22, 2020 02:17PM

  bon voyage UK

Atlantic Ram24August 22, 2020 07:41AM

  Thanks man

RamUK21August 22, 2020 02:18PM

  Re: Moving back to the UK - farewell

Rampage2K-24August 23, 2020 06:38PM

  Yeh 9 pm so not too bad for a man who works for himself

RamUK9September 03, 2020 02:21PM

  Re: Moving back to the UK - farewell

canadaram18August 26, 2020 06:53AM

  They will be the same mix of nonsense

RamUK7September 03, 2020 02:22PM

  Safe travels...

DaJudge13August 26, 2020 07:45PM

  Indeed my friend

RamUK9September 03, 2020 02:23PM

  Hey UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ferragamo7913August 28, 2020 05:14PM

  I have a crate

RamUK8September 03, 2020 09:45AM

  Be safe and best to you and the wife nm

Speed_Kills13August 29, 2020 05:32AM

  Thanka Speed

RamUK15September 03, 2020 09:46AM

  Re: Ha! lol

Speed_Kills14September 04, 2020 07:05PM


JoeMad16August 31, 2020 05:39AM

  Cheerio indeed

RamUK11September 03, 2020 09:47AM

  Re: Moving back to the UK - farewell

MamaRAMa21August 31, 2020 07:45AM

  Re: Moving back to the UK - farewell

RamUK12September 03, 2020 09:51AM

  enjoy, friend...

LMU9315September 02, 2020 04:19AM

  Thanks man

RamUK10September 03, 2020 09:53AM

  Re: Thanks man

LMU937September 09, 2020 03:34AM

  Re: Moving back to the UK - farewell

Hazlet Hacksaw12September 04, 2020 08:15AM

  Thanks HH!

RamUK6September 09, 2020 12:21PM

  Be good, buddy.

Drew283910September 05, 2020 05:34PM

  I appreciate that Drew

RamUK5September 09, 2020 12:22PM

  You didn't ask me......

ScRAM12September 09, 2020 01:24PM