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Physics and the Rare Earth Hypothesis

July 25, 2020 09:13AM
As far a hangers full of crashed alien space craft goes, while not a Dennis Miller fan he did have one joke once that summed it up for me. Its along the lines of a alien civilization being advanced enough to safely cross thousands of light years of hazardous space but boy those New Mexico power lines are a b*tch.

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  UFO's... yet again....

JamesJM144July 25, 2020 09:00AM

  My guess is that NO good...

sstrams86July 25, 2020 09:06AM

  Even though I made light of it...

JamesJM65July 25, 2020 09:18AM

  My thoughts on this... lol

Atlantic Ram77July 25, 2020 11:58AM

  What in all that's holy was THAT?

JamesJM65July 25, 2020 12:01PM

  Hahahaha... Ugh Sorry

Atlantic Ram70July 25, 2020 02:01PM

  Physics and the Rare Earth Hypothesis

SeattleRam100July 25, 2020 09:13AM

  LOL.. hadn't heard that...

JamesJM83July 25, 2020 09:15AM

  Re: UFO's... yet again....

zn70July 26, 2020 05:45AM

  Re: UFO's... yet again....

Aries79July 27, 2020 07:05AM

  I've seen several of them my lifetime....

Rampage2K-81July 26, 2020 04:48PM