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HA!! In 24+ years, I am 11 of 14 in cat rescues!

June 26, 2020 03:00PM
Of the three failed attempts, one was.....OUR cat!! About 8 years ago, I climbed after her and she JUMPED from about 30 feet. We REALLY thought she had injured herself. Made a terrible sound. But 8 years later, she is a 9 year old fat snot!LOL The other two......One was rescued by a tree surgeon and the other simply came down after 4 days. Some guys on the job hate doing it but I love cat rescues. I DOOOOOO wear my nomex hood, jacket and gloves to prevent blood loss! LOL

  Yesterday was exactly one year to go till I retire as a Firefighter!

Ramgator20June 26, 2020 10:44AM

  Early congrats, Gator...

sstrams9June 26, 2020 11:05AM

  Gator in retirement

21Dog18June 26, 2020 02:52PM

  LOLOLOL A girl I have known since 2nd grade posted the same thing!

Ramgator11June 26, 2020 02:55PM

  Shhhhhhh, , , hear that?

RAMbeau12June 26, 2020 02:54PM

  HA!! In 24+ years, I am 11 of 14 in cat rescues!

Ramgator23June 26, 2020 03:00PM