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I thought the music......

February 13, 2020 04:48PM
was cool.... until she started singing.. it really went downhill fast for me after that.. I haven't heard anything by her - I just heard she recorded her multi-award winning LP in her bedroom, or something... I can respect that part.. I can't respect her singing, unless I hear something a whole lot better than that..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Guess I must be getting really old because....

SeattleRam104February 13, 2020 04:32PM

  Re: Guess I must be getting really old because....

MamaRAMa56February 13, 2020 04:46PM

  I just looked that up on youtube..

sstrams78February 13, 2020 04:53PM

  Re: I just looked that up on youtube..

SeattleRam47February 13, 2020 05:08PM

  I think she knows, it too...

sstrams42February 14, 2020 05:37AM

  I thought the music......

sstrams44February 13, 2020 04:48PM

  Well, I don't know much but I do know...

JamesJM70February 13, 2020 04:50PM

  I suppose I'm just a contrarian

waterfield60February 14, 2020 06:47AM

  ..and therein lies the beauty of music..

sstrams39February 14, 2020 07:17AM

  Well said

waterfield39February 14, 2020 10:17AM


JamesJM49February 14, 2020 10:33AM

  She does a pretty good version..

sstrams32February 14, 2020 10:53AM

  Vinnie Colaiuta is the drummer on the Sting Album

JamesJM46February 14, 2020 11:09AM

  Yeah, lotta timing things going on there...

sstrams43February 14, 2020 11:27AM

  As you know we don't play any true 'metal' music..

JamesJM35February 14, 2020 11:37AM

  Wow - we actually play..

sstrams37February 14, 2020 01:30PM

  Re: No...

waterfield34February 14, 2020 03:11PM

  Sting says he was brought to tears by Cassidy's version

waterfield35February 14, 2020 03:36PM

  That was gorgeous..

sstrams40February 14, 2020 10:46AM

  Another great "soulful" song by a lesser known artist

waterfield33February 16, 2020 07:53AM