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Pretty sure I told you about Sean, right?

November 29, 2019 06:26AM
Kerman had high hopes going into this year. Mason, my grandson, fell to injury first... 5th day of practice broken foot. Out for the season.

Then Raul, (you probably don't know him), playing DII in New Mexico... not sure of his exact injury but I was talking to him about a week ago and they told him his football days are over. Gave him some kind of NCAA Ineligible to play ever again medical. All I know it that it's a knee/leg issue. Raul is about 5' 7" and MAYBE 145lbs... played like a full size DB... seriously, kid had as much heart as any player I've ever seen at any level.

Then Sean, whom others here might know... QB for Wyoming. Torn Meniscus. Out for the rest of this year BUT... good prognosis he tells me. Should be back next year. He was held back in grammar school one year, then redshirted his first year, so I believe he has 3 more years of eligibility at 20 yrs. old, nearly 21.

Of course we all, Tulare included, 'adopted' Josh... Josh is great at keeping in touch with his hometown, (and nearby), friends. He and Mason follow each other due to their "Reedley" connection. Every week in Firebaugh, and some surrounding towns, people gather at homes, bars, on social media.. to follow his games and he usually sends word home after games. He is truly a great kid, (I call everyone under 50 a kid laughing smiley ), and visits the area as often as he can... which isn't a lot due to his NFL schedule and commitments... but he did, early this year, visit with the Firebaugh youth football teams before season began. Guess what I'm saying is... he hasn't lost his roots or forgotten those that got him to where he is today...

VERY easy to be a Josh Allen fan... and by extension...the BILLS... you bet I'm pulling for them. - JamesJM

  Busting with pride for Josh Allen..

JamesJM98November 28, 2019 05:35PM

  me, too

21Dog54November 29, 2019 04:19AM

  Pretty sure I told you about Sean, right?

JamesJM56November 29, 2019 06:26AM

  yes...I knew about him

21Dog49November 29, 2019 07:28AM