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I will pass this info to my Son.

July 12, 2019 04:24AM
I'm trying to get all the info I can but also TRYING not to meddle. I just don't want him to be suckered into a job he will hate.

  Hey Iowa, you might like to know.... My oldest Son switched back to USN!

Ramgator104July 11, 2019 04:09AM


IowaRam62July 11, 2019 01:48PM

  I will pass this info to my Son.

Ramgator49July 12, 2019 04:24AM


IowaRam33July 12, 2019 03:30PM

  Not hijacking your thread... just, well, hijacking your thread...

JamesJM36July 12, 2019 06:23AM

  2 years ago, when the Rams came here to play the Jags...

Ramgator57July 12, 2019 10:28AM