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Not a big conflict for me 21, BUT....

July 09, 2019 06:19PM
Could very well be that Chase Cord is the starting QB for Boise St. this year... he was the QB on my grandson's team in the Blue/Gray game back in 2017.

I'm hoping he does well... BUT... only up until he plays the Dogs... when I hope he crumbles. laughing smiley

By the way - Mason reports to camp on Aug. 10th. Western Colorado University. I'm proud of him because he's been a workout animal this entire offseason... Basketball, Weights, you name it. He's in excellent shape... BUT..not acclimated to that 7,700' elevation of the field in Gunnison.

He just can't seem to put on weight, however... although he is up to 175lbs from his 165lbs at Reedley. And yes, it's all muscle.

Gavin, his brother, and QB for the Kerman Lions... easily held off the Central High QB transfer to Kerman this year. HUGE problems, however... no receivers of note, not one. And NOT that Gavin is outstanding... he's still showing a tendency to throw into traffic... but the drop off in receiver talent from last year to this year is enormous. Pretty sure it's going to be a tough year... ah well, been thru many of those. laughing smiley

  21Dog... early line USC 13.5pt favorites over our Dogs...

JamesJM46July 08, 2019 10:40AM

  might have been easy money a year ago

21Dog32July 08, 2019 02:42PM

  Granted, but...

JamesJM34July 08, 2019 02:52PM

  Re: Granted, but...

21Dog35July 08, 2019 04:49PM

  Not a big conflict for me 21, BUT....

JamesJM30July 09, 2019 06:19PM