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Yea , same here

March 11, 2019 05:46AM
I enjoyed it , and was also disappointed at the same time

and without giving away any spoilers , which there is a bunch of , I can't explain any further.............LOL

but it has to do with knowing the comics , even though I never read any Captain Marvel comics , I was still familiar with here story

Marvel always changes stuff in all their movies from the comics , but they really changed ALOT of stuff in this one , some of which I didn't care for ,


understand , for it to fit into the MCU

typical Marvel origin story , spend a lot of time on her back story , lacks any real interesting bad guy

I did find the humor actually pretty funny , would liked to have seen more of the Skrull Science guy ...................lol

I would give it a solid 7/10

It was still entertaining and fun , which is what it's suppose to be

We're 21 movies into the MCU now , and I would rank in somewhere in the middle , it is handicapped as most all origin movies are , so I would put it somewhere in the middle , probably next to the Dr Strange movie , their good , but now you're ready to get on with the sequel

I would have prefered that they had never shown how Nick Fury lost his eye , just left it a ongoing mystery

and for those who follow the MCU , keep an eye on Talos's daughter , even though she doesn't show up till the end of the movie ,, and only as a little girl , they never mention her name , so , it might be nothing at all , but this movie takes place in the 1990's , which means by the time Avengers End Game comes out next month she will be all grown up , and she may have a very large part to play in the future

or not.....................lol


  saw Captain Marvel

zn99March 10, 2019 07:18PM

  Yea , same here

IowaRam67March 11, 2019 05:46AM