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Re: If I'm not mistaken..

March 22, 2017 03:43PM
That's the final battle depicted in the movie, or at least the battle, the final battle in the movie, was based on.. Lot of similarities, but just like Mel Gibson's other flick Braveheart, completely rapes history.. for example, if I remember correctly Tarleton escaped Cowpens, but was killed in the movie.. Then again, I may be raping history here because its been forever since I read about Cowpens or have seen the movie haha

No you're right Tartleton escaped Cowpens. And yes the movie uses parts of Cowpens in its final battle.

And yes The Patriot puts history in a blender and comes up with its own mixed milkshake.

  Meet your new Star Trek Captain

IowaRam816March 07, 2017 06:22PM

  Good choice. Very versatile actor.

Ramgator188March 08, 2017 05:20AM

  He was evil in the Patriot..

sstrams209March 08, 2017 05:57AM

  Re: He was evil in the Patriot..

zn199March 18, 2017 04:55AM

  If I'm not mistaken..

sstrams198March 20, 2017 03:39AM

  Re: If I'm not mistaken..

zn169March 22, 2017 03:43PM

  So you're saying..

sstrams174March 22, 2017 04:39PM

  I've found this film on King Arthur much more accurate

IowaRam210March 22, 2017 04:59PM

  I hope so... Attachments

sstrams206March 22, 2017 05:25PM

  here is the thing

ferragamo79181March 23, 2017 07:34AM

  Yeah, you're right about that..

sstrams191March 23, 2017 08:34AM

  The one movie that really ticked me off

IowaRam160March 23, 2017 08:57AM


ferragamo79192March 23, 2017 09:02AM


ferragamo79194March 23, 2017 07:24AM

  211 years from today

IowaRam197March 22, 2017 08:07PM