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Wow, that's a long time

August 04, 2016 01:30AM
I hope it all works out for you.

Not sure what the deal is with dentists and doctors that people can't get a timely appointment. Drives me nuts. I remember going to the dentist with a terrible toothache which luckily coincided with my previously scheduled checkup. The dentist said I needed to schedule another appointment to get it fixed. But when I was trying to make an appointment at the counter I couldn't get an appointment with her for another 3 months to fix it... so I asked the receptionist "is there anything open a little sooner because the pain is pretty intense?" Annoyed, the receptionist walks off in a huff and returns with a prescription for Vicodin. Really? For 3 months? I've never been back.

And the reoccurring symptom thing.... ugh.... Just once I would like to have the symptom that I am actually going to the doctor for. My regular doctor is actually very good about getting patients in but by the time the appointment with the specialist comes around... I am symptom free lol... Sometimes the symptoms never come back and I wonder if the body just heals itself sometimes... If so, maybe I've lucked out.

  So, did I ever tell you guys about my neck?

sstrams785July 30, 2016 08:56AM

  Did WV's meteorite hit and I missed it?

JamesJM400July 30, 2016 10:21AM

  Bizarre, isn't it?

sstrams413July 30, 2016 10:32AM

  You're right you have to be your own advocate

LesBaker424July 30, 2016 01:21PM

  Yeah, there is no doubt...

sstrams446July 30, 2016 01:25PM

  Wow, that's a long time

Atlantic Ram415August 04, 2016 01:30AM

  Skin doctors are the worst..

sstrams405August 04, 2016 06:52AM