August 06, 2016 11:24AM

You'll get used to, and in the end, really enjoy the Genie gizmo! winking smiley The high definition that the TVs put out now makes you feel like you are right there in the Coliseum watching in person! smiling smiley

Glad you are in the valley now. Bakersfield gets a bad rap, but has some real nice areas. My cousins use to live down there and moved up here in NorCal in the 90's. I always enjoyed our family trips to visit them down there. Being on flatland as you get older makes life a bit easier for sure. winking smiley

Got me season tickets to the Rams this year 23. I promised myself that if they came back, I would. So Directv on away games and Rams 40yard line during home games. smiling smiley I think I might shed a tear when I step into that old haunt next Saturday. All my childhood heroes played there when I grew up. Go RAMS! smiling smiley

Later my Friend...


  It never fails, DTV hits it out of the park again.......

RAM231022July 14, 2016 05:37AM

  oh snap.....

Ramsrule539July 14, 2016 07:03AM

  AH HA... that explains it...

JamesJM628July 14, 2016 07:07AM

  Ah yes... the JamesJM Direct TV wars continue...

sstrams593July 14, 2016 07:11AM

  That was the best thread ever

LesBaker576July 14, 2016 08:31AM

  Ah... good times...

sstrams590July 14, 2016 08:33AM

  I will never let RamRock forget that

LesBaker569July 14, 2016 08:57AM

  No, Les, cuz knowing RamRock I'm sure..

sstrams604July 14, 2016 09:00AM

  It's not easy

LesBaker566July 14, 2016 09:09AM

  Can't say I remember that one...

sstrams604July 14, 2016 10:09AM

  Google it

LesBaker593July 16, 2016 07:28AM

  If its the...

sstrams588July 16, 2016 08:44AM

  That's the one

LesBaker548July 16, 2016 11:40AM

  I'll have to remember that..

sstrams585July 16, 2016 12:06PM

  All you need to say is

LesBaker566July 16, 2016 01:22PM

  Good Lord! I Most Certainly...

Ram Rock581August 05, 2016 11:01AM

  I dunno how I missed that one...

sstrams545August 05, 2016 11:06AM

  No, You Didn't Want To See That Post...

Ram Rock583August 05, 2016 11:19AM

  Now that was worth viewing...!

sstrams560August 05, 2016 12:55PM

  Re: Now that was worth viewing...!

Ram Rock520August 05, 2016 05:52PM

  That's pretty much it

LesBaker522August 05, 2016 01:48PM

  BandT For Sure But I Think Wv...

Ram Rock537August 05, 2016 05:55PM

  You aren't fooling anyone

LesBaker542August 06, 2016 02:14PM

  LMAO! I wish I could throw.....

RAM23602July 15, 2016 05:30AM

  hmmmmm.....they came out for install

ferragamo79532July 22, 2016 01:34PM

  LMAO - now come on Jimmy

RamUK566July 23, 2016 09:15AM

  Like I mentioned in my......

RAM23630July 15, 2016 05:23AM

  Always good to see ya, 23.......!

sstrams529July 16, 2016 08:45AM

  Same here sst, I'm always.....

RAM23575July 17, 2016 05:09AM

  20 Years For Me Now 23! DirecTV is...

Ram Rock530August 05, 2016 11:11AM

  We probably signed up about......

RAM23580August 06, 2016 06:11AM

  Good To Hear From You...

Ram Rock512August 06, 2016 11:24AM

  Re: Good To Hear From You...

RAM23634August 07, 2016 04:50AM

  Sounds Like You Found...

Ram Rock509August 07, 2016 06:40PM

  hey RR

21Dog525August 07, 2016 04:59AM


Ram Rock518August 07, 2016 08:15AM

  Re: HeyBrother!...

21Dog491August 08, 2016 05:14AM