July 14, 2016 05:37AM
So, here I sit having my second cup of coffee waiting for a 8:00 am to 12:00 noon appointment for a DTV technician to show up so he can deliver and install another equipment upgrade.

We just had DTV (per their own decision) change out our only 4 year old dish for a new more up to date one when all I wanted was for them to move the one we had up a foot or so (it was mounted on the side of the house about 5 feet up the wall) so it would meet a new fire equipment access code.

Here's how it all started, a while back we received our advance notification of automatic billing for the ST like we have for some 23 years now. Due to my curiosity land local of around 150 miles north of LA, whether or not we will be able to see all the RAMS games via LA network channels ( we do have the grandfathered in LA network lineup of channels) or on our Bakersfield local network affiliate stations.
No where have I been able to find any info on will we or wont we.

Yesterday I set aside the time to contact DTV figuring it would be a lengthy conversation and it was, almost 2 hours of very productive communication with two advisors.
Being with DTV for almost 24 years carries a lot of weight from what they tell us, being in the top 4 or 5 % of bill payers seems to be a customers group they don't want to lose, or at least they seem to want to keep that group happy.
After I explained that I didn't know if I even need the ST this season with the NFL moving to have no blackouts scheduled again this year the DTV technician agreed. He got authorization from his team leader and arranged to have our account credited the monthly amount for the cost of the ST through the season. That makes the 4th year in a row that they have been very generous with their approach and conclusion.

The phone technician finished it off with telling us we were also now eligible for an equipment upgrade so that's what we are waiting for right now, in fact they just called and said they would be here within the hour AWESOME!
Four new top of the line receivers with the geni thing whatever it is, he said it should improve every aspect of what we now have so being happy already just doesn't seem to satisfy them lol3
If all this wasn't enough he closed our conversation out with a oh yeah by the way, I found another perk available and I'll be reducing you monthly fee by $15 a month for 12 months because of agreeing to another 2 years of commitment of DTV, like we were going anywhere anyway, that one was easy.

Needless to say DTB can rest easy when it comes to any satisfaction concerns, we knew we were happy already and this just seals the deal.

Happy Happy. thumbs up

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