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Last year my family flew to Denver...

June 04, 2024 05:18PM
just after Christmas and instead of buying a bunch of expensive Christmas gifts. My family loved it and we've decided to do it again this year only a different location. Right now we're looking at Hawaii... from California flights are not that bad... too much but a HELL of a lot cheaper than most other places.

Another 'somewhat' cheap flight we found was to Chicago - because we were/are thinking of a Packer game at Lambeau. yes, it will be freezing.... but my family is weird... we love the idea. laughing smiley

  I'm hearing Airlines are jack up fees AAAAGAIN! Told my Wife I might be done with Airlines...

Ramgator65June 04, 2024 04:21PM

  Came across this a while back

SeattleRam55June 04, 2024 04:46PM

  Last year my family flew to Denver...

JamesJM22June 04, 2024 05:18PM

  Re: Last year my family flew to Denver...

21Dog50June 05, 2024 12:47AM

  check out Costco Hawaii packages

ferragamo7956June 05, 2024 07:02AM

  Oh yea, good advice...

JamesJM51June 05, 2024 09:41AM