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oops , wrong trailer

May 04, 2024 12:45PM
cool smiley

plus , it has a great soundtrack


  We went and saw The Fall Guy

IowaRam74May 04, 2024 12:35PM

  oops , wrong trailer

IowaRam21May 04, 2024 12:45PM

  wanna see it

ferragamo7920May 04, 2024 05:55PM

  Is it a good movie for a first date?

sstrams24May 05, 2024 08:44AM

  Pretty much what this movie is

IowaRam24May 05, 2024 10:55AM

  Ok, thanks..

sstrams19May 05, 2024 12:42PM

  I can't even imagine

IowaRam14May 05, 2024 01:09PM

  Including dating we were together..

sstrams18May 05, 2024 04:28PM

  Lemme tell ya about a BIG..."OOPS!!" First Date movie. LOL I have caught hell from friends.

Ramgator24May 05, 2024 01:01PM

  I did a faux pas like that, myself..

sstrams18May 05, 2024 04:32PM

  Jaws. I'm over due to watch. Might pop in the DVD after lunch.

Ramgator18May 06, 2024 05:39AM

  Saw it twice this past weekend..

sstrams17May 06, 2024 06:34AM

  I just got it on blu ray at garage sale yesterday

ferragamo7930May 06, 2024 07:15AM

  Sweet.. I got all the versions..

sstrams19May 06, 2024 07:52AM