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Re: what do you see

February 15, 2024 05:03AM
On my phone, I couldn't tell what it was. On my desktop, I can see it's the movie "The Black Hole".
I never subscribe to anything on YouTube because nothing interests me so much that I just have to know when they have new content.
I pick and choose what I want to watch and after doing that for 10 years, I'm still good with that.


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SeattleRam27February 11, 2024 02:54PM


IowaRam32February 11, 2024 03:21PM

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IowaRam25February 14, 2024 01:18PM

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SeattleRam59February 14, 2024 07:08PM

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MamaRAMa28February 15, 2024 02:56AM

  what do you see

SeattleRam21February 15, 2024 04:43AM

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MamaRAMa23February 15, 2024 05:03AM

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IowaRam20February 15, 2024 01:17PM

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SeattleRam23February 15, 2024 01:53PM

  on this one

IowaRam18February 15, 2024 01:16PM