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Lopes vs Ortiz fight... see it?

February 09, 2024 06:44AM
It was on one of the ESPN channels. I get it with HULU.

It was a terrible fight. The only truly damaging punch in the fight was a head butt that cut Ortiz's eye. (accidental).

You've heard it a lot... "You have to beat the champion"... which basically means you pretty much have to knock the championship out to take the belt. Very very low odds that the challenger can win on points. Spoiler Coming Up -

And so it went. It was very a very close fight. At the end my grandsons thought Ortiz had edged Lopez on points... I couldn't argue that but told them "no chance in hell they give that fight to Ortiz and it will be unanimous". They laughed at me. it was Unanimous... Lopez won.

The fact that it was unanimous didn't surprise me, at all. But what did surprise me was one of the judges score card... 117-111 Lopez.... which basically means said judge thought Lopez dominated the fight.

I am currently getting back into boxing after quite a long layoff. But last night showed me one thing: Scoring in boxing hasn't changed... it's still as goofy, (rigged), as ever. And I don't mean 'rigged' because Lopez won... I can see that... but 117-111???????? That's one of those things that only boxing can get away with..... likened to an olympic diver getting a 10 after a belly flop. - JamesJM

  Lopes vs Ortiz fight... see it?

JamesJM52February 09, 2024 06:44AM

  boxing these days for me.....

21Dog17February 10, 2024 05:28AM