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Hanks was real in Greayhound

February 06, 2024 05:42PM
Unlike hero movies he depicted someone initially outside his comfort zone and was scared as we all would have been.

  Watched "Greyhound" with Tom Hanks, again tonight. VERY good movie!

Ramgator51February 06, 2024 03:21PM

  Recrent war movies...

JamesJM29February 06, 2024 04:02PM


SeattleRam22February 06, 2024 05:00PM

  Re: Merrill

ClstRam23February 06, 2024 05:17PM

  Love living history.

SeattleRam24February 06, 2024 05:46PM

  I have said it a dozen times. THE best thing about my Firefighter years.

Ramgator20February 07, 2024 03:37PM

  Hanks was real in Greayhound

waterfield36February 06, 2024 05:42PM

  Re: Hanks was real in Greayhound

SeattleRam26February 06, 2024 05:50PM