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Recrent war movies...

February 06, 2024 04:02PM
have all been pretty good... the ones I've seen of course, can't say about the others.

I think the movie "Downfall" - which someone asked about recently - is one of my favorites. Really very good IMHO.

  Watched "Greyhound" with Tom Hanks, again tonight. VERY good movie!

Ramgator115February 06, 2024 03:21PM

  Recrent war movies...

JamesJM82February 06, 2024 04:02PM


SeattleRam56February 06, 2024 05:00PM

  Re: Merrill

ClstRam54February 06, 2024 05:17PM

  Love living history.

SeattleRam52February 06, 2024 05:46PM

  I have said it a dozen times. THE best thing about my Firefighter years.

Ramgator35February 07, 2024 03:37PM

  Hanks was real in Greayhound

waterfield93February 06, 2024 05:42PM

  Re: Hanks was real in Greayhound

SeattleRam66February 06, 2024 05:50PM