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I'm related to the King of England....

November 17, 2023 10:52AM
I have to be.... and I know this because.... I have never posed this question to any person on earth that hasn't claimed to be related to English Royalty. laughing smiley

Don't believe me? Try it.

I have a cousin who got into Genealogy somewhat recently. She asked me for some advice so I gave her some tips... she accepted none of them. Not even a genealogy application... she uses a spreadsheet. So anyway...

She started her research. Her family comes from the same area in Italy that mine does. She discovered, amazingly, that she's related to Leonardo DiVinci, Galileo, Pope Paul, Sophia Loren, Dante, Pavarotti, Julius Caesar, Columbus.... I forget the others.

Not to be outdone I reviewed my own genealogy... but hit a wall. Can't get beyond my grandfather, he was an orphan. So my 'related to famous Italians' list doesn't quite match up to my cousin's.... my grandfather ran away from the orphanage at about 9 years of age... somehow acquired a donkey cart, and the donkey, and sold veggie's in various small Italian towns... in the evening he'd spend his profits from the day on wine and he and his donkey would get @#$#-faced then fall asleep under an Olive tree. HOWEVER, I did stumble upon an unverified, but semi-reliable, hearsay story that my grandfather once sold a zucchini to Luigi DaGragnano.... if that name doesn't ring a bell he was the organ-grinder, (well, his monkey was), in Piaggione, Italy... quite well known so I'm sure you've recognized him now that I have explained. - JamesJM

  Christmas lights go up TOMORROW!!

Ramgator38November 16, 2023 12:16PM

  Re: Christmas lights go up TOMORROW!!

IowaRam14November 16, 2023 01:50PM

  C'mon!!! It's not a.......DEATH WISH...to put em up early!!!! LOL nm

Ramgator11November 17, 2023 01:38AM

  One Holiday at a time my friend

IowaRam10November 17, 2023 01:53PM

  Hey! Call em THANKSGIVING lights!

Ramgator12November 18, 2023 11:19AM

  me too....I think you are my giant brother...separated at birth

ferragamo7916November 16, 2023 04:45PM

  I'm like 1/ 100 Cherokee...or something like it. I always say my Indian name is.....

Ramgator14November 17, 2023 01:40AM

  My Name: Runs with Beer

ferragamo7915November 17, 2023 07:12AM

  I'm related to the King of England....

JamesJM17November 17, 2023 10:52AM

  Re: Christmas lights go up TOMORROW!!

MamaRAMa19November 17, 2023 02:12PM