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The Great Waldo Pepper

September 15, 2023 05:08AM
Another Redford film on Netflix right now. Saw an interview with him where he shockingly said he did all the wing walking scenes himself. Which if you've seen the film is insane.

  Watched 'The Electric Horseman' last night....

JamesJM61September 14, 2023 12:09PM

  Re: Watched 'The Electric Horseman' last night....

SeattleRam21September 14, 2023 12:55PM

  Re: Watched 'The Electric Horseman' last night....

SeattleRam21September 14, 2023 01:02PM

  Liked that entire album.... (NM)

JamesJM22September 14, 2023 08:39PM

  Man!! Have not seen that since probably December 1980!

Ramgator20September 14, 2023 01:51PM

  Is that one the one with the..

sstrams27September 14, 2023 06:33PM

  Re: Is that one the one with the..

MamaRAMa23September 15, 2023 05:33AM

  They say Redford was drinking on set because......

Ramgator23September 16, 2023 05:44AM

  The Great Waldo Pepper

SeattleRam24September 15, 2023 05:08AM

  Put me down for: The Way We Were and

ferragamo7922September 17, 2023 03:31PM

  The Man From Snowy River

SeattleRam15September 18, 2023 12:06PM

  Best Redford performance?

JamesJM24September 19, 2023 10:40AM

  Re: Best Redford performance?

SeattleRam16September 19, 2023 10:45AM

  I always enjoyed Brubaker.

Ramgator14September 20, 2023 03:45PM

  Best Redford movie ever.

waterfield20September 20, 2023 08:33PM

  Probably mentioned this before....

JamesJM15September 21, 2023 11:12AM

  Re: Probably mentioned this before....

waterfield15September 21, 2023 03:08PM

  There are things I can wrap my brain around...

JamesJM16September 21, 2023 03:29PM

  My Wife and I just watched a movie about her. Amazing story! nm

Ramgator13September 21, 2023 04:06PM