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I did not know that..

September 11, 2023 02:16PM
Bad fit, imo.. Connolly was let go, by the way.. he got into a bar fight and the guy he fought throat punched him.. he was never able to sing the same again.. he did try to lay down vocals in the studio, but the band let him go because he didn't sound good

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  SST. The 70s Band, Sweet.

Ramgator158September 10, 2023 05:01AM

  Re: SST. The 70s Band, Sweet.

SeattleRam108September 10, 2023 06:40AM

  Only one guy is still left..

sstrams80September 10, 2023 07:09AM

  Andy Scott still tours with Sweet

IowaRam80September 10, 2023 07:32AM

  Changes , new single from Sweet

IowaRam81September 10, 2023 07:35AM

  Yeah I hate it when there are multiple

sstrams84September 10, 2023 08:48AM

  Meeeeeehhhhhhhh! It's why I go directly to the 70s stuff when I play videos.

Ramgator62September 10, 2023 12:09PM

  Ronnie James Dio Almost Replace Brian Connolly When He Left The Band

IowaRam63September 11, 2023 01:35PM

  I did not know that..

sstrams56September 11, 2023 02:16PM