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My taste in women....

September 05, 2023 03:07PM
sorry if that sounds 'sexist'... I only mean that we all see beauty differently.

I re-watched "Creature From The Black Lagoon" last night which stars "Julie Adams". I never thought of Julie as 'beautiful' back then (note: I was a mere child when I first saw this movie). Even seeing her in later roles on TV I never looked at her and thought 'beautiful'. But last night I was hit with the thunderbolt. laughing smiley Julie was gorgeous.

BTW....as for the movie - I can see why this is such a classic... for that era it was very well made. The plot is a little thin but it's a 'scary' movie so I mean... how much plot does a scary movie need? Monster? Check Lovely lady in distress? Check Handsome hero? Check. So I am ok with the plot... and the cinematography I think amazing... era considered.

Reading about the film on IMDB in the trivia section I discovered that this was one of Benecio Del Toro's favorite films... he watched it yearly. Benecio was quoted as saying he always hoped for a sequel in which the poor 'monster' would capture Julie's heart and they'd team up. laughing smiley Now I had never thought of that.... similar to King Kong and Ann Darrow.... but I should have!! How the hell did I miss that until last night?

Tonight I think I'm going for "The Blob" which stars, as you know, Steve McQueen. I do not remember this movie, at all.... but yes, saw it as a kid.

  The Exorcist: Believer trailer

IowaRam172September 05, 2023 02:42PM

  Godzilla Minus One trailer

IowaRam62September 05, 2023 02:45PM

  My taste in women....

JamesJM86September 05, 2023 03:07PM

  The Blob might be the first scary movie I'd ever seen

IowaRam73September 05, 2023 03:25PM

  Creature From The Black Lagoon

SeattleRam92September 05, 2023 06:18PM

  Omega Man... that's a new one for me...

JamesJM70September 05, 2023 06:46PM

  She was very beautiful! My Step Dad met the Creature Actor, Ben Chapman. Attachments

Ramgator74September 06, 2023 03:08AM

  I bet my boys, ESPECIALLY my oldest, have seen this!

Ramgator61September 08, 2023 01:59PM