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I think that would be an awesome thing to have on the wall..

May 19, 2023 04:40PM
Just cuz its super cool plus since it came off a sunken boat.. How cool is that? Coke has acid in it and maybe the acid cleans the jun off the metals.. Dunno if you read my post abou tmy in-laws dog being killed by another dog last week.. Apparently neighbors used Coke to clean the blood off the concrete in the backyard.. I can only imagine what it does to your insides when you drink it regularly.. Probably why I prefer cream soda..

Anyways, yeah, that would be MUCH cooler than something you buy.. its authentic.. its crazy cool.. I used to have access to an enclosed sandblasting thingy at my previous job.. its actually a lot of fun to sandblast stuff - i wished I had my own setup...

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Home Security Systems... like yours?

JamesJM176May 18, 2023 05:15PM

  Home Security System

SeattleRam78May 18, 2023 06:17PM

  Speaking of dogs....

JamesJM71May 18, 2023 06:49PM

  Blue Heeler

SeattleRam51May 19, 2023 12:43AM

  So you want an English Springer Spaniel Attachments

waterfield100May 19, 2023 07:31AM

  Beautiful dog...

sstrams48May 19, 2023 08:17AM

  Only issue

waterfield57May 19, 2023 08:48AM

  I actually feel your pain..

sstrams56May 19, 2023 08:55AM

  Re: I actually feel your pain..

waterfield66May 19, 2023 09:14AM

  The deepest is about 80 feet.. Attachments

sstrams44May 19, 2023 11:08AM

  You might be interested in this

waterfield50May 19, 2023 09:50AM

  I have heard answers to many of your questions..

sstrams43May 19, 2023 11:17AM

  Re: I have heard answers to many of your questions..

waterfield56May 19, 2023 04:24PM

  I think that would be an awesome thing to have on the wall..

sstrams43May 19, 2023 04:40PM

  My bad - its the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts nm

sstrams43May 19, 2023 11:19AM

  We have a sort of hodge podge security system..

sstrams74May 19, 2023 04:38AM

  I forgot to mention..

sstrams44May 19, 2023 05:59AM

  I was a computer repairman in the Army....

JamesJM52May 19, 2023 06:51AM

  Hmm.. That makes me wonder...

sstrams40May 19, 2023 08:19AM

  Personally, I think they are a waste of money. Maybe 30+ years ago...

Ramgator57May 19, 2023 06:26AM

  This is true..

sstrams66May 19, 2023 08:22AM

  Police response. As a former Firefighter, I know...

Ramgator70May 20, 2023 03:36AM

  I've seen most of Casino..

sstrams46May 20, 2023 04:20AM

  Agree, partially....

JamesJM75May 20, 2023 06:13AM

  Yeah its nice to get a heads up..

sstrams71May 20, 2023 07:30AM