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NO movies should be colorized

May 14, 2023 06:06PM
Hate it, hate it, HATE IT!!!!!!

  Some movies should NOT be colorized....

Arkansas Ram57May 14, 2023 04:12PM

  Yeah I don't know what the positive is..

sstrams34May 14, 2023 04:23PM

  NO movies should be colorized

SeattleRam22May 14, 2023 06:06PM

  I second that....

JamesJM19May 15, 2023 11:16AM

  It doesn't both me...........to much

IowaRam19May 15, 2023 01:00PM

  Ted Turner fueled that crap 30 or so years ago.

Ramgator16May 15, 2023 02:50AM