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I see James movie won Best Picture

March 13, 2023 01:13PM
Everything, Everywhere, All At Once , he was on here a few months back saying how much he liked it , we still haven't seen it , , but it's on our list

also like seeing Ke Huy Quan win Supporting Actor , I didn't even know he was still acting , always thought he was just one of those child actors that disappeared years ago , seeing him and harrison Ford hug was pretty cool

I didn't even know Jamie Lee Curtis was nominated

do want to see Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio , I've heard great things about that movie

I do like Jimmy Kimmel as host , he keeps things lite

we didn't watch the whole thing , we skipped the middle as we switched over to HBO to watch the final episode of The Last Of Us


  The Academy Awards

MamaRAMa46March 13, 2023 09:28AM

  I see James movie won Best Picture

IowaRam21March 13, 2023 01:13PM

  Re: I see James movie won Best Picture

MamaRAMa19March 13, 2023 01:33PM

  Re: I see James movie won Best Picture

IowaRam28March 13, 2023 01:39PM

  I was happy it won....

JamesJM25March 13, 2023 05:36PM