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that was a good Howard Stern interview

March 10, 2023 01:59PM
i'm not a big fan of KISS, but Calling Dr. Love is one of my all-time favorite songs....

i enjoyed listening to that interview....

Howard does his homework when it comes to interviewing people....

BTW, He recently had Stephen A. Smith from ESPN.. that was a great interview.....

  KISS Announces Their Final Concert Ever

IowaRam131March 02, 2023 12:47PM

  Haunted Mansion Trailer

IowaRam35March 02, 2023 01:32PM

  I kind of doubt that will be their last show..

sstrams23March 02, 2023 02:38PM

  Making sure this isn't from 1998.

Ramgator36March 02, 2023 04:25PM

  Yeah their "Farewell Tour"..

sstrams42March 03, 2023 02:29AM

  that was a good Howard Stern interview

JoeMad30March 10, 2023 01:59PM

  I saw a ticket stubb today...Skynnyrd final tour

ferragamo7919March 14, 2023 01:24PM

  Just yesterday, thinking about Rosington's passing.......

Ramgator23March 14, 2023 03:35PM

  I've wanted to go to.......

sstrams22March 14, 2023 04:23PM