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To continue...

January 23, 2023 06:04PM
With my other reply... I'm a farmer. Or was. Retired.

We had a well that was incredible... not only fantastic water but nearly iced cold out of the tap. The well collapsed... several years ago. Can't afford to drill a new one.

Now lest you think I'm exaggerating... people in town, (yes, only about 800 population and I'm saying ALL of them), came to our water to fill whatever they could hold water in. IOW...

I grew up with the best water on earth... and then came... the Govt., and regulations. Now? We have tainted tea that stains anything it touches. BUT... we are in compliance. banghead

  Anyone ever use a Brita Filtered water pitcher?

Ramgator36January 22, 2023 11:08AM

  Re: Anyone ever use a Brita Filtered water pitcher?

SeattleRam35January 22, 2023 11:17AM

  Good to hear. The water here in Jacksonville is ..meh!! I miss Arkansas water!

Ramgator24January 22, 2023 01:33PM

  You ought to try it here in south Texas.....

Arkansas Ram21January 23, 2023 05:52PM

  To continue...

JamesJM25January 23, 2023 06:04PM

  They removed the water fountains..

sstrams18January 24, 2023 02:58AM

  No, but I slept in a Holiday Inn....

JamesJM27January 23, 2023 05:44PM

  ours isn't what it used to be......

21Dog29January 24, 2023 04:35AM

  Re: ours isn't what it used to be......

waterfield28January 24, 2023 06:56AM