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My setup like that..

January 18, 2023 02:45PM
is sitting stored in the little room that the door I just obliterated goes into.. But, I have a full surround sound in the living room, which is like THUNDER for movies, but sounds like CRAP for music, imo.. I want to set up the old system again - I miss blowing the living snot out the songs I love to listen to.. One of these days..

But, I worry about the ringing in my ears tha tI wake up with ever morning..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Not sure when it happened

IowaRam86January 18, 2023 01:07PM

  Mine still looks like the first one....

JamesJM41January 18, 2023 01:39PM

  We still have a nice stereo

IowaRam43January 18, 2023 02:29PM

  I can only use mine...

JamesJM35January 18, 2023 02:39PM

  My setup like that..

sstrams30January 18, 2023 02:45PM