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I have a cheap Garmin..

January 19, 2023 02:09AM
that is , so far, indestructible and have worn it for years.. i went through two Fitbits, but their downfall was in that they were not waterproof, so had to take them off for every shower, dive, pool day etc.. Where their design was flawed (and this may no longer be an issue) was in taking them off t least once a day, the area where the band connected to the unit eventually wore out.. and that particular area was sensitive toward the Fitbit's operation.. once that bond broke, the Fitbit stopped working.. I went through two of them that broke the exact same way..

So, the $25 Garmin I got is waterproof, so never have to take it off.. its maybe 1/2" to 3/4 wide, so do even realize I'm wearing it most of the time.. have replaced the battery in it 4x and it just keeps on working..

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  UGH! I can't eat cheese sticks like I used to.

Ramgator43January 18, 2023 09:23AM

  Yeah, it sucks, don't it?

sstrams20January 18, 2023 09:57AM

  Re: UGH! I can't eat cheese sticks like I used to.

MamaRAMa29January 18, 2023 10:41AM

  Pretty much the same for me....

JamesJM23January 18, 2023 11:18AM

  I did something similar..

sstrams25January 18, 2023 12:26PM

  If you don't have one, GET a Fit Bit watch that counts steps.

Ramgator23January 18, 2023 04:33PM

  I have an Apple Watch...

JamesJM22January 18, 2023 07:59PM

  I have a cheap Garmin..

sstrams19January 19, 2023 02:09AM

  and you wonder why you have issues

ferragamo7917January 19, 2023 05:23PM