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Did I tell you about the time..

January 18, 2023 09:08AM
I took my wife to work at 6am because her car was in the shop.. it started snowing as I was driving home.. As I'm pulling into the driveway, I notice the garage door isn't opening as I'm hitting the button.. I keep pushing, but no luck.. i then realize the entire street is dark.. obviously a power outage, so no wonder the garage door didn't open..

Then I realize I have NO other way into the house! Front screen door was locked and didn't have a key with me.. I took the garbage bin, put it next to the back yard privacy fence, climbed over in total darkness, then realized my key didn't open the back door.. Its cold as hell, so go back in the truck where its warm - no jacket, gloves, nothing.. I figure I'll just wait until the power comes back on.. it didn't..

I made a snap decision, picked up a brick and smashed the smallest window in the house - which happened to be 5 feet high and directly over a toilet.. I hafta climb over and go head first down right onto the toilet - luckily not IN the toilet.. I duct tape plastic over the window and go back to bed with the dogs to keep warm.. eventually the power came on - about 10 minutes after breaking the window.. I call a window repair friend, who is a drummer, and he fixed it for free..

I did hook him up with ten pairs of Vic Firth drumsticks, tho.. So, he came out pretty well.. lol

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Having a temper can be expensive..

sstrams38January 18, 2023 07:30AM

  Had a similar problem...

JamesJM17January 18, 2023 08:33AM

  Did I tell you about the time..

sstrams14January 18, 2023 09:08AM

  Re: Did I tell you about the time..

MamaRAMa15January 18, 2023 10:42AM

  No doubt, right?

sstrams13January 18, 2023 10:55AM

  HERE is how SST "fixes" a door!! Attachments

Ramgator23January 18, 2023 09:17AM

  I'm glad someone finally gets me..

sstrams15January 18, 2023 09:56AM

  The new door is in the house..

sstrams15January 18, 2023 12:30PM