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Re: Before I wander off...

November 24, 2022 10:54AM
Yellowstone is filmed in my back yard, right here in the Bitterroot Valley. I tried to post a photo of the mountains, taken from our back deck yesterday,to go with my Thanksgiving message, but couldn't. A note on the show: We're not like those people.

We're decent, independent, hearty and hardnosed-tough enough to make it in an environment that is as harsh and demanding as it is beautiful and nurturing to the soul, and we're mostly genuine, caring and compassionate - knowing that we need each other, also borne out of our relationship to the land and what it gives us, demands from us.

We turn out some football players who exemplify that. Chase Reynolds was a Montana born-and-raised hardnosed running back drafted by the Rams a few years back. He didn't see more than a handful of plays as a RB, but buckled down and played special teams for us for several seasons.

Joe Cummings went to high school down the road from us at Stevensville, went to school in Colorado and was drafted by the Bills before being traded to San Diego. He asked to be traded because he wanted more playing time, but as a linebacker playing behind some guy named Saeu, didn't get much.

He retired early, brought his nest egg home, and is now a fly fishing guide (as I was) and lodge owner downriver from me on the Clark Fork. My wife and I planned to fish with him last fall but couldn't schedule it; maybe this coming year. He's filled me in on the player's life in the NFL, but mostly we talk about which flies might be working on the trout in our rivers.

Another home-grown Montanan I have high hopes for is our young receiver Lance McCutcheon. Next year his crosslots rival (UM vs. Montana State) Hardy will be a surprise package as a pass rusher. Nobody plays with more determination and drive - beyond his athletic ability. I love those guys whose unmeasaurables are off the charts.

Both decent young men, good heads on their shoulders, and hardnosed, tough football players. Maybe by next Thanksgiving they'll both be on the field, giving our Rams a real boost toward the playoffs.

Meantime, best of Thanksgivng wishes to you and yours. I'm thankful to know you, indirectly, and for your comments on the board. Happy Thanksgiving!

  Before I wander off...

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