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Good points Ramstien

November 24, 2022 04:38AM
Let the Perk cook. I like it. The only thing is who is he going to have to throw the ball to and block for him. this strength and condition coach must suck or these players are made out of glass. All these injuries, I mean WTF.

Let's see who steps up. KC and other teams don't have much tape on him yet so that might help. beer cheer smiley

I am hoping McVay was able to design a creative game plan that will take advantage of his strengths. I am hoping we see more of McCutcheon in the game plan this week. They should have a little bit of familiarity of each other from practices.

I also want to see Tutu on the field more. Let's see what he has or doesn't have once and for all. Have The Percolator throw it up and see if Tutu can run under it a few times!

Use the run game behind Bobby Evans. Let him initiate the contact. Help the kid out with a TE or extra OL in the run game which will open the RPO stuff for The Perk.


“Well, the color is good, I like the metallic blue,” Youngblood recently said while laughing, via NFL Journal. “The horn is terrible. It looks like a ‘C.’ When I first saw it on the logo I honestly thought it was a Charger logo.

“Now when I see it on the helmet, it just isn’t a ram horn. There is no distinct curl like a mature ram horn. I don’t know how the Rams could get that wrong. That is your symbol and it has been for what? Seventy years or more? Longer than I have been alive? It’s just not us, it’s not the Rams.”---Mr. Ram Jack Youngblood


  Virginia QB Bryce Perkins Highlight Reel - 2019 Season | Stadium

Ramsdude171November 24, 2022 04:12AM

  UVA QB Bryce Perkins Top Plays 2018

Ramsdude45November 24, 2022 04:15AM

  Re: Virginia QB Bryce Perkins Highlight Reel - 2019 Season | Stadium

Ramstien50November 24, 2022 04:17AM

  The kid is raw but talented

Ramsdude45November 24, 2022 04:21AM

  Re: The kid is raw but talented

Ramstien63November 24, 2022 04:28AM

  Good points Ramstien

Ramsdude48November 24, 2022 04:38AM

  Bryce Perkins NFL Draft Tape | Virginia Quarterback

Ramsdude55November 24, 2022 04:18AM

  best RB on the Rams

L.A.Rams65November 24, 2022 08:08AM

  Re: best RB on the Rams

Ekern5557November 24, 2022 08:10AM

  Re: position change?

mtramfan49November 24, 2022 11:26AM

  Re: position change?

mtramfan47November 24, 2022 11:26AM

  Re: position change?

mtramfan38November 25, 2022 08:06PM

  He should let his hair grow out again..

sstrams45November 24, 2022 08:55AM