November 24, 2022 06:24AM
I love Coach McVay, but this Bobby Evans thing is becoming the big dig in Boston, just outrageous. He praised Evans in the beginning of the season having played some quality minutes and last week stating that Evans answered the call at LT. Coach, Enough! He's not very good and he's not getting better with public praise & appreciation. In fact, I would cut Evans to send a message, A.J. Arcuri is a better option at LT because he can't be any worse and Zach Thomas even though he doesn't know the offense is better then Evans, who, IMHO, will be out of the league next year. Enough is Enough with this guy.

  Stafford ruled out

Rampage2K-268November 23, 2022 12:41PM

  Oh well.. at least we have legitimate excuses for the upcoming..

sstrams100November 23, 2022 12:50PM

  Re: Stafford ruled out

Classicalwit106November 23, 2022 01:42PM

  Mercifully: true that

mtramfan131November 23, 2022 02:21PM

  If Evans is starting LOT…

Rams43106November 23, 2022 06:45PM

  Re: If Evans is starting LOT…

BerendsenRam74November 23, 2022 07:50PM

  Re: If Evans is starting LOT…

Ramstien64November 24, 2022 03:56AM

  How about

Ramsdude66November 24, 2022 04:27AM

  Re: How about

Ramstien61November 24, 2022 04:30AM

  lol I know, right?

Ramsdude57November 24, 2022 05:20AM

  Actually Getting Tired of McVay Praising Evans.

den-the-coach80November 24, 2022 06:24AM

  Re: Actually Getting Tired of McVay Praising Evans.

DESERT RAM71November 24, 2022 07:36AM

  Re: Actually Getting Tired of McVay Praising Evans.

den-the-coach70November 25, 2022 03:52AM

  Tweaking? you say McVay's running game needs tweaking?

sstrams67November 24, 2022 06:28AM