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Re: The Fisher McVay combination

November 14, 2022 08:43AM
This is correct. When the Rams won the superbowl with Warner, Vermeil finally had to ease up a little because the prior two camps were hell and players were complaining. He built a tough team.

McVay inherited a beast of a team from Fisher and those players were the basis for the Goff superbowl. We really just needed a better offensive coordinator under Fisher, but he was just too old school. The NFL had passed him up, other than his tough D.

McVay was the perfect guy to step in, bring in a Robert Woods and Brandon Cooks, etc... to open up the offense.

Even though that Fisher team deteriorated over the next few years, whenever the Rams identified a weakness, Snead had the green light to open up Kroenke's wallet and go get a top player to fill in. And last year they had a handful of band-aids and gambled, and got lucky, that the injury bug didn't bite them.

Fast forward to now, we spent all the money, sold away all the picks and we are left with a handful of aging superstars and a bunch of scrubs to fill in the gaps... oh, and Cooper Kupp.

Meanwhile, McVay is popping up on TV commercials and can always jump to the booth if times get rough.

This is more than likely not going to end well. You look at the eagles and the Bills and the dolphins and the giants and the cowboys... they are built for the future. We are paying the piper and it came sooner than expected. We thought we would get a 3 year winning window with Stafford, Donald, Ramsey and Kupp.

It appears we only got 1 year.

  When McVay first came to the Rams

Stafford9382November 13, 2022 02:47PM

  This is a bit of an exaggerated history

Ram_Ruler111November 13, 2022 03:01PM

  Re: This is a bit of an exaggerated history

Stafford995November 13, 2022 03:32PM

  Re: This is a bit of an exaggerated history

Ram_Ruler89November 13, 2022 03:33PM

  Re: When McVay first came to the Rams

Ekern5586November 13, 2022 05:56PM

  I love McVay and to be honest I was excited

Stafford976November 14, 2022 03:14AM

  Re: I love McVay and to be honest I was excited

David Deacon81November 14, 2022 04:13AM

  Money Ball

Stafford950November 14, 2022 06:54AM

  The Fisher McVay combination

RamsDynasty59November 14, 2022 05:46AM

  Re: The Fisher McVay combination

kw1349November 14, 2022 08:43AM

  Re: The Fisher McVay combination

MamaRAMa56November 14, 2022 09:09AM

  It honestly has crossed my mind but I say we have to give it 2...maybe 3 years before we answer.

Ramgator97November 14, 2022 09:26AM

  Tom Coughlin too!

Ramgator62November 14, 2022 09:18AM