November 12, 2022 03:52PM
last 37 games
PPG offense
30.6 - games 1-8 (2021)
23.8 - games 9-21 (2021)
16.4 - games 1-8 (2022)

Trend needs to be reversed---oline
is biggest culprit in 2022--trend
started about midseason

I don't want to put words in your mouth, but when you say "trend started about midseason," are you referring to 2021?

If so, I would tend to agree. Coincidentally (or not) I believe that that's when we started to see the shift in offensive scheme.

Whether it was the lack of a rushing attack or the loss of Robert Woods (who was a critical part of the rushing attack), we began to see more of the 4 and 5-wide WR/empty backfield sets (that Stafford prefers) and less of the jet sweeps, motion, play-action, and boots that were staples of McVay's offense prior to that.

Yes, the decline of the Rams' offense is inextricably linked to the poor health/play of its OL. But McVay hasn't exactly helped that unit out either with his play-calling and schemes.

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