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Re: Interesting Info on Evans

November 11, 2022 04:24AM
David Deacon
Now if only Evans could run block and pass protect this would make sense.


Is Jourdan saying that only Evans and the center(s) know the silent count cadence? Are there no other linemen that know the cadence?

If I heard the podcast correctly, I believe that she mentioned two things with respect to this issue:

1) It was her belief that Aboushi only has experience playing RG.

2) The belief is that Skura has LG experience, but that he might not be up to speed on the Rams' offensive terminology.

So, it sounded to me that Evans is familiar with the position and is experienced with the play/line calls and silent count cadence.

Long story, short...Evans knows what to do at LG.

He just sux at doing it.

  Interesting Info on Evans

KRams286November 11, 2022 02:47AM

  Re: Interesting Info on Evans

David Deacon114November 11, 2022 03:40AM

  I don't Care Evans Has No Business being on the team.

den-the-coach114November 11, 2022 03:56AM

  Re: Interesting Info on Evans

KRams73November 11, 2022 04:02AM

  I was wondering that too KRams

Ramsdude66November 11, 2022 04:18AM

  Re: I was wondering that too KRams

KRams71November 11, 2022 04:31AM

  Re: Interesting Info on Evans

ramBRO74November 11, 2022 04:24AM

  Re: Interesting Info on Evans

KRams66November 11, 2022 04:44AM

  Thanks RamBRO!

Ramsdude77November 11, 2022 04:46AM