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Re: 43 seriously

November 10, 2022 06:55PM
Why even waste thread time with the 8th ranked defense when your offense is in the 30's.

this has probably been posted already and i missed it but how much higher would our star studded defense be rated if the offense was performing in the 20's or the teens let alone top 10? it soaks defensive energy when the offense goes 3 and out as often as our offense is as we all know .....

I don't know the answer to this question.

But here is what I suspect:

1) A defensive unit (i.e. players and coaches) that has more time to rest; analyze what the opposing offense is doing; and, develop countermeasures is likely to perform their job better than the one that has to deal with constant 3 & outs/turnovers by its offense.

2) If you're inclined to believe Jourdan Rodrigue's reporting, then the Rams defense was constructed to primarily defend against offenses that are playing catch-up - in particular, via the pass (i.e. the Rodgers, the Wilsons, the Mahommes, etc.).

Knowing these QB's and others are looking to create explosive plays down the field, the defensive scheme is designed to keep everything in front of them and have the offense chew up clock and, hopefully, get hammered by AD and make mistakes like turnovers.

But if our offense doesn't score, then opposing offenses are more inclined to stay patient and limit their mistakes. It also exposes our defense to things it wasn't necessarily designed to do (e.g. consistently stand up to a physical rushing attack).

So, while I don't know HOW MUCH better our defense would be with a better offense...I feel confident in the belief that they'd be even better than what we've seen.

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