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Re: I hear you, man

October 17, 2022 03:37PM
I've known a couple of neurosurgeons - one was, like Brady, an entitlement-driven narcissist and borderline sociopath, and the other one of the kindest, most decent, caring, humble and humorous individuals I've ever known. It elevated my spirits just to go fishing with him.

I wouldn't want to suffer a day on the river with Brady. I'd find an excuse not to take him and go by myself.

I've fished with a few football players; one a retired 49er linebacker who was borderline; the rest were fun. There's a retired Bills linebacker who lives in our area, runs a guide service and fishing lodge, is a straight-up professional and is highly respected. And, he's community service minded and fun to be with. I've talked to him about other players - not Brady. No idea what his take is.

  They are getting ready to crucify Brady

Stafford9474October 16, 2022 11:09AM

  Re: They are getting ready to crucify Brady

mtramfan218October 16, 2022 08:48PM

  I hear you, man

NewMexicoRam152October 16, 2022 08:50PM

  Re: I hear you, man

mtramfan104October 17, 2022 03:37PM

  Re: They are getting ready to crucify Brady

WhiteHorns88October 17, 2022 04:12PM