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OntarioRam has some thoughts on Allen Robinson…

September 28, 2022 02:08AM
Here’s OntarioRam…

It is not time panic yet. It is still very early. We just finished week 3. It is a long season. And Stafford did not throw much if at all during the off-season due to his elbow. Chemistry is probably lacking between ARob and Stafford.

The Rams' pro scouting is impeccable. Almost everyone they bring in tends to really excel. Of those that don't, they still produce, even if not to the level that was expected (e.g. Marcus Peters). For this reason, I am still quite optimistic with Robinson. I think success is coming and he will end the year as a huge success. Time will tell.

But I would be lying if I said a bit of doubt is not starting to creep in.

A dropped TD in the end zone is not good... but it happens to everyone. What is worrisome is that after his dropped TD, Robinson seemed to fade away, not even getting on the field afterwards on some snaps, and playing frustrated / lacking in confidence. Expectations were sky high for ARob coming into the season. He was generally expected to be a huge weapon from the get-go. He is no doubt feeling some pressure to live up to that, and produce ASAP. I think he is in his own head somewhat and will explode when he loosens up.

He also looks somewhat slow to my eye, which is worrisome. Perhaps, because he is a big body, he is moving faster than he appears? His advance stats from week 1 were extremely impressive, in terms of how much separation he generated. The Bills secondary was beat up, but he essentially doubled the league average (and Cooper Kupp!) in separation generated week 1. So it would be premature, IMO, at least at this point, to conclude that he cannot play at a high level anymore. He was open all night in week 1 and Stafford never looked his way. I would be curious if anyone has the advanced stats from weeks 2-3?

Robinson is getting tons of looks in the red zone, so I have zero doubt he will pile up the TDs there. But he makes too much money to exclusively be a red zone threat, and surely he was brought in to be a big part of the passing game all over the field. Van Jefferson is not even playing right now, and will not play for several more weeks. Tutu appears to be a bust. Skow seems to have been converted into a FB. ARob should realistically be getting 8 to 12 targets per week. At least until Jefferson is back. It is concerning this is not occurring. I think still think the targets and production will come.

  OntarioRam has some thoughts on Allen Robinson…

Rams43382September 28, 2022 02:08AM

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mtramfan49September 28, 2022 05:24PM

  Jefferson May help

Schuylkill Ram111September 28, 2022 05:34AM

  not how I saw it from the stadium

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