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Might not have to worry about me, either

January 25, 2022 07:01PM
I swear between the Rams and oSu this year they've shaved decades off my life.

Something tells me this one also comes down to the wire.

Thanks for thinking of me, though. smileys with beer

Hope you're doing well.

Enjoy the game as best you can!


  Guys, I'm not sure I can handle it this weekend

ferragamo79321January 25, 2022 05:47PM

  Re: Guys, I'm not sure I can handle it this weekend

chico n da rams102January 25, 2022 05:55PM

  live less than an hour from Chico and go there twice a month

ferragamo7999January 25, 2022 05:59PM

  I'm not ready.

alyoshamucci121January 25, 2022 06:09PM

  Re: I'm not ready.

BerendsenRam84January 25, 2022 06:23PM

  Don’t go to the light

Ekern5587January 25, 2022 06:41PM

  If we get a lead like last game…

Thirtymac, The Intrepid Ram50January 26, 2022 05:43AM

  Might not have to worry about me, either

Drew2839103January 25, 2022 07:01PM

  Ferragamo79...We are too much alike.

den-the-coach71January 26, 2022 03:40AM

  Re: Pinot Noir??? Kick it up to a solid Cabernet this week.

oldschoolramfan56January 26, 2022 06:10AM

  Thanks '79.. but all I want..

sstrams65January 26, 2022 04:50AM

  Guitars??? OHH!!!!! Forget about us Kazoo and Triangle players!!!! nm

Ramgator60January 26, 2022 05:20AM

  Don't have either of those..

sstrams45January 26, 2022 05:32AM

  It's gonna be........FREAKING GLORIOUS!!!!

Ramgator74January 26, 2022 05:28AM

  I hear ya, F79…

Rams4370January 26, 2022 05:57AM

  Re: I hear ya, F79…Draft?

oldschoolramfan51January 26, 2022 06:12AM

  LMAO Ferragamo....

JamesJM71January 26, 2022 06:18AM

  Re: I am with both of you guys!!!!

oldschoolramfan59January 26, 2022 06:42AM

  Re: LMAO Ferragamo....

Rams4360January 26, 2022 06:45AM