January 14, 2022 06:46AM
I am so thankful and grateful to have McVay as our HC!

It's a breath of fresh air to have a HC set standards and have a "WE NOT ME" mentality. More than that, the team bought in to that mentality.

The Rams, our Rams did not hire a "re-tread" HC.

For once, they went with their gut feeling. This kid is a legit HC and we need to get him.

They hired a 31 year old OC and this organization has not looked as good in a very, very long time.

"The future is so bright, I think I'll wear shades!"


  Happy Anniversary!

moklerman422January 13, 2022 01:10AM

  Re: Happy Anniversary!

Ramstien117January 13, 2022 03:34AM

  Re: Happy Anniversary!

GroundPounder129January 13, 2022 04:13AM

  Re: Happy Anniversary!

Ramstien129January 13, 2022 04:26AM

  He DOES do some Tap Dancing but.......

Ramgator97January 13, 2022 04:45AM

  Re: Happy Anniversary!

303081January 13, 2022 04:47AM

  Re: Happy Anniversary!

Ekern5584January 13, 2022 04:54AM

  Re: Happy Anniversary!

Ekern55110January 13, 2022 04:52AM

  4 playoff appearances in 5 years

NewMexicoRam89January 13, 2022 05:28AM

  Re: 4 playoff appearances in 5 years

GroundPounder119January 13, 2022 07:07AM

  good perspective....

LMU9397January 13, 2022 06:07AM

  +1 nm

AZRamsfan6555January 13, 2022 06:15AM

  Good point

NewMexicoRam96January 13, 2022 06:15AM

  Re: good perspective....

stlramz92January 13, 2022 10:38AM


oldschoolramfan86January 14, 2022 06:31AM

  Re: Happy Anniversary!

Classicalwit84January 13, 2022 07:34PM

  He's imperfect but he's very good

RantoulRam81January 14, 2022 06:15AM

  agree nm

21Dog45January 14, 2022 06:30AM

  Re: +++++ 1 Billion times!

oldschoolramfan197January 14, 2022 06:46AM

  Re: +++++ 1 Billion times!

BerendsenRam85January 14, 2022 11:52AM