September 14, 2021 10:00PM
Hazlet Hacksaw
you may see him on punt returns or an occasional jet sweep. But, unless Jackson goes down he will be invisible.

I don't think McVay even got to page two of his playbook on Sunday night......

Pf course he won't be out there every snap, but with this WR group we don't need him to be.....he showed well in preseason and bounced right up after every hit.

caught everything that was near him too,

Don't think we should be writing him off so quick after one game where we barley even used DJax


  Tutu in 2022

Hazlet Hacksaw361September 14, 2021 02:09PM

  Re: Tutu in 2022

Classicalwit77September 14, 2021 02:14PM

  or maybe not

db107September 14, 2021 03:45PM

  Re: or maybe not

Classicalwit32September 14, 2021 09:45PM

  Re: or maybe not

Ramsdude18September 15, 2021 06:22AM

  Could be... I'm still thinking...

JamesJM66September 14, 2021 02:14PM

  I know he was Jackson insurance

Hazlet Hacksaw58September 14, 2021 02:18PM

  Tutu in 2022: I believe he gets a care package on offense in the next few games

Florida_Ram70September 14, 2021 02:23PM


Hazlet Hacksaw48September 14, 2021 02:36PM

  Doubt it.

stlramz50September 14, 2021 04:27PM

  Re: Tutu in gather this after one game to start the season?

Rampage2K-42September 14, 2021 10:00PM

  Just an observation

Hazlet Hacksaw42September 15, 2021 12:36AM

  I think Atwell will get snaps and make some plays this year…

Rams4325September 15, 2021 06:15AM

  Re: I think Atwell will get snaps and make some plays this year…

Ramsdude20September 15, 2021 06:28AM