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Re: I think Atwell will get snaps and make some plays this year…

September 15, 2021 06:28AM
But this is his learning year while watching DJ.

But next year? Trust me, Atwell will be a big part of this passing attack.

I hope you are right 43! Not sure why he needs a "learning year" though. All the hype he got you would expect him to come in a light it up right away.

IMO, we could have picked a better player in his spot. OL depth maybe? A big run stuffing DT? Maybe a pass rusher? How about a WR that DOESN'T need a "learning year"?

IMO, WR was low on the list of needs and to draft someone who won't see the ball much seems like a mistake to me.


“Well, the color is good, I like the metallic blue,” Youngblood recently said while laughing, via NFL Journal. “The horn is terrible. It looks like a ‘C.’ When I first saw it on the logo I honestly thought it was a Charger logo.

“Now when I see it on the helmet, it just isn’t a ram horn. There is no distinct curl like a mature ram horn. I don’t know how the Rams could get that wrong. That is your symbol and it has been for what? Seventy years or more? Longer than I have been alive? It’s just not us, it’s not the Rams.”---Mr. Ram Jack Youngblood

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  Tutu in 2022

Hazlet Hacksaw361September 14, 2021 02:09PM

  Re: Tutu in 2022

Classicalwit77September 14, 2021 02:14PM

  or maybe not

db107September 14, 2021 03:45PM

  Re: or maybe not

Classicalwit32September 14, 2021 09:45PM

  Re: or maybe not

Ramsdude18September 15, 2021 06:22AM

  Could be... I'm still thinking...

JamesJM66September 14, 2021 02:14PM

  I know he was Jackson insurance

Hazlet Hacksaw58September 14, 2021 02:18PM

  Tutu in 2022: I believe he gets a care package on offense in the next few games

Florida_Ram70September 14, 2021 02:23PM


Hazlet Hacksaw48September 14, 2021 02:36PM

  Doubt it.

stlramz50September 14, 2021 04:27PM

  Re: Tutu in 2022...you gather this after one game to start the season?

Rampage2K-43September 14, 2021 10:00PM

  Just an observation

Hazlet Hacksaw42September 15, 2021 12:36AM

  I think Atwell will get snaps and make some plays this year…

Rams4325September 15, 2021 06:15AM

  Re: I think Atwell will get snaps and make some plays this year…

Ramsdude20September 15, 2021 06:28AM