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Re: on Long

June 10, 2021 07:17AM
I agree. This year is a big inflection point for Long and I'm sure he knows it. Is it possible they utilize Burgess in the slot some and that maybe someone like Rochelle comes along faster than anticipated? Sure. But cutting Long when he plays a ton on special teams and they need 9 DBs? I don't see it.

  LA Rams: 3 players on the hot seat heading into 2021…

Rams43244June 09, 2021 06:48AM

  Re: 2 out of 3

leafnose93June 10, 2021 05:37AM

  Good assessment leaf. nm.

stlramz14June 10, 2021 06:13AM

  on Long

PHDram44June 10, 2021 06:41AM

  Re: on Long

LMU9338June 10, 2021 07:17AM

  He was pretty bad as a gunner tbh

merlin25June 10, 2021 08:02AM

  Re: on Long

Tony Romas19June 10, 2021 07:59AM

  Re: on Long

PHDram12June 10, 2021 08:50AM

  I think Long, Obo, and Kiser are kinda in ‘no man’s land’…

Rams4322June 10, 2021 07:41AM