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Re: Well there you go…

June 08, 2021 01:50PM
I've got no problem with him speaking highly of Goff. But let's tone it down just a little, m'man. How does ANY QB make "special reads" in 7 on 7 drills?

Exactly, mokler. These are OTA’s. My post was tongue-in-cheek.

  T.J. Hockenson on Jared Goff: That guy just has a different mentality

BerendsenRam535June 08, 2021 09:37AM

  Well there you go…

Rams43245June 08, 2021 09:42AM

  Re: Well there you go…

moklerman168June 08, 2021 11:28AM

  Re: Well there you go…

roman18147June 08, 2021 11:34AM

  Re: Well there you go…

Rams43102June 08, 2021 01:50PM

  Re: Well there you go…

BerendsenRam66June 10, 2021 03:50PM

  From Lionswire:

moklerman63June 11, 2021 09:58AM