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100th episode:11 Personnel - Les Snead with Jourdan - talks Blythe. more

April 07, 2021 11:15AM
Blythe got offered 200k more to stay with the Rams than the Chiefs. But he was only a short term Ram solution, so maybe he just needed a fresh start.

Snead shared some stuff. I always felt McVay was more skilled at holding things back than Les. FWIW, he says "what can we do to sharpen our edge and keep our opponents guessing. With the Rams consistently winning since 2017 - there's a good chance that other teams are going to tap into winning organizations so we need to have a good 'next man up' to maintain the success we've had."

On trading for Stafford - you invested a lot in Jared Goff - so what was it like divesting from him. Was that easy because of the trade or hard?
Les: Gave accolades to Jared Goff while expecting Matt Stafford (me: I guess Les missed the memo of MS liking being called Matthew) to take the Rams to a higher level in the next 4-5 years. (not just the next 2 years)

Draft - Rams label "early picks" as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounders. Talked about this in detail.



  100th episode:11 Personnel - Les Snead with Jourdan - talks Blythe. more

RamsFanSince69377April 07, 2021 11:15AM

  On Blythe

PHDram178April 07, 2021 11:40AM

  If he was better they would have signed him

merlin79April 07, 2021 06:55PM

  He dropped some gems in there. I'll add a few

Ram_Ruler176April 07, 2021 06:11PM

  good stuff....

PA4889April 07, 2021 07:09PM

  Yeah I came to the conclusion that he wasn't just blowing smoke

Ram_Ruler99April 07, 2021 07:49PM

  CB's dropping?

PA4826April 08, 2021 02:18PM

  Re: Follow the pattern...

dzrams95April 07, 2021 08:39PM

  SJD, Gaines, and the DL

merlin71April 08, 2021 04:44AM

  Re: SJD, Gaines, and the DL

PHDram37April 08, 2021 06:06AM

  Re: SJD, Gaines, and the DL

merlin33April 08, 2021 09:31AM

  Re: SJD, Gaines, and the DL

PHDram27April 08, 2021 03:49PM

  Re: Follow the pattern...

Rams4333April 08, 2021 06:29AM

  Astute observations

PHDram46April 08, 2021 06:31AM

  Re: Astute observations

Rams4340April 08, 2021 06:37AM

  Re: Astute observations

dzrams38April 08, 2021 06:47AM

  Yes he said that: and that Blythe is a keeper and Goff is their guy... for now

RockRam30April 08, 2021 08:17AM

  Re: Ah, nuance matters...

dzrams29April 08, 2021 09:34AM

  thanks for the summation, RR nm

21Dog31April 08, 2021 05:38AM

  Anytime! NM

Ram_Ruler13April 08, 2021 06:05AM

  Re: You gave a much better summary than me!

RamsFanSince6920April 08, 2021 09:43AM

  maybe it's just me, but I have to admit...

LMU9398April 08, 2021 04:34AM

  Re: Another Snead smokescreen?

oldschoolramfan49April 08, 2021 06:26AM

  Re: maybe it's just me, but I have to admit...

zn59April 08, 2021 08:24AM