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Re: Where do you rank the top 32 QBs?

February 06, 2021 08:14AM
Pretty interesting discussion on the Lions board. When you actually look at the list, there aren't a ton of guys that I'd rank above Goff. He fits in that middle tier of 10-19 range depending on how you feel.

Lions fans have Stafford everywhere from 5-16.

They are going to compile averages based on all the responses. Here is my QB ranking. Going into 2021 may look different with several guys retiring.

1. Patrick Mahomes
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Tom Brady
4. Josh Allen (rising star)
5. Deshaun Watson
6. Drew Brees (falling fast)
7. Russell Wilson (sack machine)
8. Matthew Stafford
9. Justin Herbert (He may fall with more tape on him)
10. Jared Goff (total homer here but I've seen him do things none below can do.)
11. Ryan Tannehill
12. Baker Mayfield
14. Matt Ryan
16. Lamar Jackson (#1 Runner. Mediocre overall)
17. Kyler Murray (Overrated, especially if he can't run)
18. Derek Carr
19. Kirk Cousins
20. Ben Roethlisberger (falling fast)
21. Phillip Rivers (retired?)
22. Carson Wentz (broken?)
23. Dak Prescott (overrated)
24. Joe Burrow (Rising fast!)
25. Alex Smith
26. Sam Darnold (May be way underrated)
27. Jimmy Garappolo
28. Jalen Hurts (More tape may drop him)
29. Daniel Jones
30. Tua Tagovailoa
31. Drew Lock
32. Andy Dalton
33. Teddy Bridgewater
34. Gardner Minshew
35. Cam Newton
36. Mitch Trubisky
36. Nick Foles
37. Mike Glennon

I don't have time or energy to rank the whole list. I'll rank the only two I care about which are Stafford and Goff.

Stafford at 8-10 is in the right range.

For Goff I would put Tannehill, Mayfield, Ryan, Jackson, Murray, Cousins, Rivers, Prescott, and maybe Burrow above him.

I have Goff in the 18-20 range of NFL QBs.

  Where do you rank the top 32 QBs?

BearlyThere423February 05, 2021 05:36PM

  Re: Where do you rank the top 32 QBs?

stlrams13200February 05, 2021 07:23PM

  what? Stafford at 4? or two?

JimYoungblood53367February 05, 2021 09:41PM

  Re: Stafford> Wilso and > Brees

Steve190February 06, 2021 05:30AM

  Re: Where do you rank the top 32 QBs?

Atlantic Ram193February 06, 2021 08:01AM

  Re: Where do you rank the top 32 QBs?

dzrams148February 06, 2021 08:14AM


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RockRam226February 06, 2021 09:22AM

  Re: Where do you rank the top 32 QBs?

RamsDynasty306February 06, 2021 11:35AM

  top 32 QBs- subjective opinion...

LMU93172February 06, 2021 11:51AM