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Re: Stafford is a Gunslinger, the Rams need.

January 31, 2021 12:31PM
Goff played scared, has very poor awareness in the pocket and seemed very slow to make reads. Seemed very reluctant to throw down field. More this year than ever. Most of his throws more than 15 plus yards were not hitting receivers in stride, the ball was frequently thrown late and receivers were limited in yac. I suspect this was due to a fear of turn overs. Whatever happened to him it became very apparent he had regressed this year. He was over paid. His contract will continue to haunt the Rams. The window to win is now. Goff held the offense back, Stafford will not. He will throw to places that Goff should have. He’ll make much quicker reads. He has a quicker delivery. His experience is an asset. I suspect we’regoing to see an improvement in Red zone scoring, quick strike scores and scoring drives for td’s in the final two minutes! All sorely needed. Having said that, his gunsling style will result in interceptions. I suspect fewer when he’s got a running game and is not constantly playing from behind. I wanted him in horns well before they drafted Goff. Goff’s play and relationship with McVay although not the same reminds me of the mystery of Gourley. McVay gave him cover, I guess trying to milk a few games out of his bad knee. McVay gave cover and took responsibility for Goff’s shortcoming up until the end of the regular season. But AFTER A STREAK OF LOSSES and poor performances that cover ended. I suspect the stakes where too high and the window to win is closing. It was time to cut bait.

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  We forgot Stafford is a Gunslinger

MOBSQUAD99403January 31, 2021 09:03AM

  Re: We forgot Stafford is a Gunslinger

LMU93171January 31, 2021 09:05AM

  he just has a more relaxed throwing motion

OzRam134January 31, 2021 09:14AM

  Goff's arm talent cannot compare to Stafford. imo

SunTzu_vs_Camus125February 02, 2021 05:59AM

  Re: We forgot Stafford is a Gunslinger - Stafford has not put up numbers

BumRap245January 31, 2021 09:13AM

  Re: Stafford is a Gunslinger, the Rams need.

hammer189January 31, 2021 12:31PM

  Re: disagree

AlbaNY_Ram227January 31, 2021 02:39PM

  Re: disagree: Enjoy your posts AlbaNY

Anonymous User174January 31, 2021 02:48PM

  interesting list - Goff #8 though

CeeZar207January 31, 2021 02:51PM

  Re: interesting list - Goff #8 though

MOBSQUAD99134February 01, 2021 08:25AM