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PARAM post on Boom’s play vs Seahawks...

November 20, 2020 03:25PM
This post came after another poster’s claim that Rams had to give Boom lots of TE help.

Here’s PARAM...

I hadn't focused on him while watching the game. But after I read this post I put on GamePass and watched the beginning of the 2nd half. The Rams had a 14 play drive after forcing a Seattle punt on the Seahawks first possession. I took out my notepad and wrote 3 columns.

No TE.........................1 TE......................2 TE

and then I hit play.

The first two plays of the drive the Rams had 2 TEs next to Noteboom. Both times they ran right, which in my mind indicated a disguise as Seattle had a bunch of defenders opposite those 3.

The next 3 plays he was on an island. A swing pass where he hit his man then let him go and moved downfield to block. Another pass where nobody even rushed from that DE spot and he helped Edwards with his man. On the next play Adams blitzed on his side. Edwards took the DE, Adams didn't even attempt to engage Noteboom and Goff threw downfield 17 yards for a first down.

The next play they had a TE on his side. KJ Wright didn't rush so Higbee just stood there and Noteboom blocked the DE, who eventually got 3 yards upfield by the time Goff threw (lotsa time) 20 yards downfield for another first down. The next play he was on an island again. He stoned KJ Wright and Goff threw incomplete. Then they finally put a TE on his side and Goff flipped a screen right to Henderson.

The next 6 plays Noteboom was on an island again. On the first, a quick pass left to Woods, Noteboom let Dunlap go and blocked the DB before he could get out to help on Woods. First down. Next play, a quick pass left to Reynolds for 9 no one to block. The third play Goff rolled right as the line blocked left and ran for the first down. On the fourth play Noteboom actually blocked two guys on the backside as Akers ran right. First #94 and then #98, neither got close to the play. Next play they shifted Reynolds to the slot next to Noteboom then he motioned right as Akers ran right with Noteboom sealing off the backside neatly. On the 6th play, Noteboom stoned Dunlap in pass pro as Goff threw incomplete to Everett but there was DPI on the play. Finally the Rams put 3 TE's next Noteboom on the goal line and ran left between Noteboom and the TE's....touchdown Brown.

So there were 15 plays, only 14 counted because of the DPI but Noteboom was on an island for 10 of them. I didn't see any 'necessary extra help' for him and it didn't look like he needed any help. In fact when they put TEs on his side, it was more slight of hand than anything else as they ran right on half of them. And for the rest of the half the Rams ran only 16 more plays so how much help did they give him, really? But I'll continue watching and report back.

  PARAM post on Boom’s play vs Seahawks...

Rams43198November 20, 2020 03:25PM

  Re: PARAM post on Boom’s play vs Seahawks...

Steve36November 22, 2020 07:00AM