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Re: Kiser at ILB

October 15, 2020 07:17AM
and Kiser isn't exceptional in coverage either

Staley's scheme is critical in hiding the weakness the Rams have there

I tell you what would help this defense a ton.. is to get a lead. The Rams defense clearly has a switch they turn on in the second half and its been consistent across all of their games with the possible exception of the Giants

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  A Jourdan tweet re Kiser...

Rams43821October 14, 2020 01:17PM

  Another juicy Jourdan tweet...

Rams43289October 14, 2020 01:19PM


Rams Junkie191October 14, 2020 01:21PM

  Re: Staley....:Wer'e game planning to!"

oldschoolramfan104October 14, 2020 04:45PM

  One more...

Rams43200October 14, 2020 01:27PM

  Re: One more...

Old Goat143October 14, 2020 01:57PM

  the STAR position

Rams Junkie135October 14, 2020 02:09PM

  Whether it’s called the Buff, Star, Spur, Bandit, etc...

Rams Junkie94October 14, 2020 02:14PM


RamsFanSince6922October 15, 2020 05:30AM

  Love it

Suh-weet!74October 14, 2020 03:05PM

  one way to keep Ramsey involved Sunday

21Dog95October 14, 2020 03:12PM

  Re: one way to keep Ramsey involved Sunday

alyoshamucci77October 14, 2020 04:12PM

  That'd do it! Can you *imagine*...

Suh-weet!68October 14, 2020 04:22PM

  Re: 21dog.....

oldschoolramfan58October 14, 2020 04:49PM

  Re: Another juicy Jourdan tweet... now that is a quote

BumRap55October 16, 2020 11:27AM

  Kiser at ILB

LMU93129October 15, 2020 06:32AM

  Re: Kiser at ILB

Speed_Kills87October 15, 2020 07:17AM

  Re: Kiser at ILB

303056October 15, 2020 08:52AM

  Re: Kiser at ILB

zn61October 15, 2020 09:25AM

  Re: Kiser at ILB

Rams4347October 15, 2020 09:34AM

  Partly its about the rotation - per Jourdan

RantoulRam58October 15, 2020 02:58PM

  agreed, LMU....

SunTzu_vs_Camus44October 15, 2020 12:43PM